We are CRR Global

Creators of Relationship Systems Intelligence.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Relationship matters, from Humanity to Nature, to the larger Whole.

Our Mission

The World is our Work. We create positive change together facing up to humanity’s greatest challenges, one relationship system at a time.

That’s why we believe leadership is a role belonging to the system, showing up in the most unlikely places from the most unlikely people. We know that together we can make the world a more inclusive and diverse place, from the living room to the boardroom — for families, communities and organizations.

At CRR Global, we are on a passionate mission to make our students and clients relationship systems-aware by providing world-class training and thought-leadership.

We leverage the collective power and wisdom of our brilliant faculty. Together, we play a huge role in the families, communities and organizations we touch. We have trained over 10,400 practitioners, who in turn spread the word across six continents in numerous countries.

People of all ages, ethnicities and all walks of life create from relationship systems intelligence. We take pride in walking the talk and making relationship matter in all that emerges. We don’t shy away from tackling the challenges of our time, we are committed to supporting our clients in creating more diverse and inclusive workspaces, taking a stand against racial and social injustice, and contributing to the fight against climate change

At CRR Global our mission is to create positive change together facing up to humanities greatest challenges one relationship at a time. We see direct parallel between how we work with relationships and what we do as a company.  To do that we work with Candlelight Committee, who advise CRR Global to ensure we represent ALL relationships. Read more about our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Commitment.  




How we work

Relationship matters:

  • With students, alumni and practitioners around the world.
  • With clients and organizations, small and big.
  • With communities.
  • With families.
  • With nature.
  • With Partners active in over 22 countries.
  • With training and certification Faculty.
  • Within our organization with our people.

Creating positive change together, one relationship systems at a time, all around the world.

We thrive on mutual respect and integrity, sharing ideas and searching new perspectives, striving to develop, learn and grow, experientially-driven, always engaging, fit-for-context while being playful along the way.

Our five principles of RSI underpin the work we do:

  • Each relationship system forms its own unique identity.
  • Relationship systems rely on Deep Democracy, and every voice is a voice of the system.
  • Relationship systems are naturally generative, intelligent and creative.
  • Relationship systems rely on roles to execute their functions.
  • Relationship systems are in a constant state of emergence.

CRR Global’s Story: how it all begun...

Over fifteen years ago, Faith Fuller and Marita Fridjhon were pioneers bringing systems-inspired work into the coaching world. They created a new training offering in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, known to the world today as ORSC™.

Our world work

In these uncertain times, while, as a Global Community, we grapple with difficult topics such as Racism and the impact of the Pandemic, it is more important than ever to explore who we want to be. We, at CRR Global, as an international organization headquartered in the US, are rising to the occasion with taking a stand on our own world work.

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