Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

CRR Global Commitment to right relationship with Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

At CRR Global we know that Right Relationship is an ongoing process, emergent rather than achieved. As an organization we strive for Right Relationship with diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging with all forms of difference: race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, class, physical ability, culture, as well as differing identities and social location backgrounds. As an organization we aspire to model the ORSC principles of Deep Democracy, World Work and Right Relationship in all our actions.

  • We recognize that issues of marginalization and systemic oppression will be different in different countries, and we support our faculty and partners to address what equality, diversity and inclusion issue are relevant to their world.
  • We commit to addressing how privilege and systemic bias show up in our course material, administration, relationships, and course environment.
  • We will engage in an ongoing effort to increase the diversity of our employees, faculty, and students.
  • We will endeavor to remain conscious and recognize our blind spots as we work to identify and correct the lack of inclusivity of marginalized peoples and the dynamics of dominant culture privilege that have dominated the coaching space with specific emphasis on our program in particular.
  • We know that dismantling systems of oppression requires spiritual warriorship and must begin with working on ourselves as well as working with others. This will include:
    • Getting familiar with biased aspects of ourselves that we are blind to because it is uncomfortable to acknowledge them. Becoming aware of parts of us that may uphold systems of oppressive power or privilege where racism and discrimination can thrive. This will require Increasing our awareness and responsibility to address issues of systemic oppression and other forms of discrimination in our work.
    • Creating brave and compassionate spaces for systemic oppression to be named, discussed, and for taking ongoing organizational and personal responsibility for change.
  • We will seek out the experience of BIPOC and other marginalized communities to advise and inform us of areas of organizational bias, and how to best address these areas.
  • We believe that doing nothing to address inequality is supporting inequality. CRR Global is uniquely positioned to address these world work issues with the ORSC philosophy and tools.
  • We will remain sensitive to the trauma and time spirits inherent in addressing issues of discrimination that are unique to each country and strive to create brave and compassionate spaces to address these issues.
    • We know that blame and shaming are not effective tools for dismantling systemic oppression and prejudice. Leaning into our collective third entity and skillful navigation of conflict is the way forward.
    • We know people may have different experiences of oppression trauma and we will strive to meet them where they are during our interactions while simultaneously calling them forth to the emergence of a new way of being.
  • We will sometimes fail at achieving the above standards, both individually and collectively. When we do, we are committed to recovering, learning from our failure, sharing our learning, and recommitting to our efforts

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion statement, please contact the following:  info@crrglobal.com or call +1.866.435.5939  |  +1.707.534.3239