Our Story

A new relationship system came into being

Over fifteen years ago…

…Faith Fuller and Marita Fridjhon approached then Co-Active® Training Institute (CTI) President Jim Patterson and CTI co-founder Karen Kimsey-House with a proposal to sponsor a new, small training offering in Relationship Systems Coaching.

Their work as therapists, consultants and coaches was deeply rooted in Modern Systems Thinking and Arny Mindell’s Process Work Model. The Co-Active coaching approach was deeply resonant with their thinking. They believed it would be a great launching pad for team and couples coaching, as well as a natural extension of Co-Active coaching.

When Karen, Jim and CTI said “yes” to their proposal, it became one of the most significant turning points in Faith and Marita’s lives. It set the trajectory for what today is known as “Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching” (or ORSC™), the first systems coaching program to be accredited by the ICF.

Through CTI, the very first Fundamentals of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching course was produced on June 29, 2002. It was presented through CTI in San Rafael with Faith and Marita as leaders and many back-then CTI colleagues as participants! The rest is history! To this day, there exists deep respect between the two companies and strong collaborative ties across the globe. Five leaders stepped up with Faith and Marita to further develop the program: Cynthia Loy Darst, David Darst, Gail Barry, and the late Grace Flannery and Jim Patterson.

In 2007, Faith and Marita took the material into their own company, Center for Right Relationship. September 29, 2007, then marks the first ORSC Fundamentals produced by CRR Global (then Center for Right Relationship), in Toronto. The first ORSC Certification was launched in February 2008.

Faculty grew from seven Front of Room Leaders in North America to a global Faculty of over 55 including Certification Faculty. CRR Global currently has partners in 15+ countries and over 665 certified practitioners around the globe. The name changed to CRR Global in 2010.

Over time CRR Global expanded their coaching model to include innovative theories and programs in Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI) and Systems-Inspired Leadership (SIL).

CRR Global’s unshakable belief is that relationship matters… from humanity to nature, to the larger whole.