Relationship Systems Intelligence at Work

Building Relationship Systems Intelligence in your team or organization

Your RSI@Work in-house program consists of four core modules spread over two full days, four half days or spread over several shorter sessions to suit your business needs. Here’s the essence of what each module addresses:

  1. The how and why of leading from the “we” for the good of the whole system
  2. What it really takes to get team and employee engagement – collaboration and co-responsibility from the get-go
  3. Addressing conflict skillfully and constructively as a source of innovation and growth
  4. What it takes for all members to really express themselves and really be heard

The program is interactive, practical and tailored for real world application in your particular team or organisation. It’s only available in-house, led by specially trained and licensed CRR Global facilitators all around the world. Note: for individual change agents or very small teams, we recommend our public access courses available here.

Deepen and strengthen your key initiatives

Because RSI@Work is led in-house for you by experienced ORSC Certified coaches, you will work together to tailor the case studies to your specific needs. These might include growth and change in leadership, culture and performance. For example, teams and organizations around the world have used this program recently to address these four different situations:

  • 100 engineering leaders in a large industrial firm looking to build more people skills into a tough work environment
  • Country management team seeking to pivot entire business model to customer centricity in line with global strategy
  • Health care managers bringing care back home to their own teams
  • Online retailer seeking increased agility through people and teamwork.

How it works – for teams and organizations

You work with your RSI Licensed Facilitator to decide on format (online or in person, full days or half days or other design) and integration with your bigger plans for the team or organization. There is also the option to customize the case studies to match your particular organization or market or community.

If you want to take the training even further, then we can cascade it through several levels of your organization. And for champions of the work, RSI@Work also covers the pre-requisites for entry into our ORSC Series 

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How it works – for ORSC Certified coaches

You’re eligible for possible participation in our next CRR Global RSI Licensee Facilitator Training if you have:

  • Completed ORSC Certification successfully
  • Actively engaged with organisational clients
  • Support of your local CRR partner

If you qualify and believe you could bring value to your clients through in-house delivery of RSI@Work, then please complete the form below.