How to Tap Collective Wisdom to Navigate Change, Enhance Agility, and Foster Collaboration

About the Book

With meaningful collaboration at its core, Systems Inspired Leadership inspires everyone to learn new ways of being, taking action, and developing conscious, intentional relationships, resulting in improved job engagement, a greater sense of belonging, and personal growth.

Take the opportunity to make significant positive change and adopt a new collaborative and collective leadership model. Brought to you by Marita Fridjhon and Frank Uit de Weerd, our new Systems Inspired Leadership roadmap will bring you the following:

  • Sustainable results
  • Engaged and empowered team members
  • Enhanced agility and capacity to navigate change
  • Increased self-confidence and awareness
  • Less stress and overwhelm for everyone
  • A collaborative, “we” culture, in which people work together as a unified whole

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