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At CRR Global Canada, we understand that each system has an intelligence and creativity of its own – and that fostering a relationship systems coaching culture just might take your team further than you’d ever dreamed. We invite you to step into this new way of thinking about leadership and are here to support your journey.

Scroll down to sign up for Canadian courses, connect with peers in our ORSC Canada Community of Practice, and discover how the Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) skillset is being used in a Canadian context.

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) offers more than training. It’s a groundbreaking philosophy that draws on collective intelligence to align on a common goal. It’s a toolbox of strategies that adapt to a rapidly changing environment. ORSC can revolutionize how a system functions.

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Here, we hold space for diverse voices of the CRR Global Canada community.

“What I’ve found compelling about this community is a real sense of commitment to each other and to the work …. That’s really important ground for being adventurous.”


– ORSC Canada Community of Practice member

Jela Begonja Kovacevik
Jela Begonja Kovacevic, MBA, CPCC, ACC, ORSCC, CPQC

Leadership Development and Systems Coach


We are delighted to introduce Jela Begonja Kovacevic as our point of contact for Canadian clients.

Jela is the Canadian representative and a Front of Room Leader for CRR Global. She is dedicated to developing individual and collective leadership, supporting others so they can thrive and prosper personally and professionally. Jela is passionate about improving relationships, as she believes relationships design our lives.

About the ORSC Canada Community of Practice

2022/23 Community of Practice Co-Hosts


Roula Eid is an effective, fully present listener who speaks her client’s language – partnering with her clients to understand their needs, unlock their potential and move toward achieving their mission. Through her company Team in Motion, Roula works with international companies in Canada and the MENA region to make diversity a reality, not just a motto. As well as being an executive and team coach, Roula is a Front Of Room Leader at CRR Global.


Larissa Thurlow is a global citizen who is passionate about identifying, aligning and amplifying the collective wisdom and potential in systems. She is a trained and accredited executive coach, team coach, coach mentor and coaching supervisor who has been working in adult learning and development for 25+ years. Larissa is honoured and excited to co-lead the Community of Practice, giving back to the ORSC community through this role as well as being a Front of the Room Leader and part of the Systemic Group Supervision development team.

Next Community of Practice Meeting

Canada in Transition - ORSC Canada Community of Practice - Larissa Thurlow, Roula Eid, Jela Begonja Kovacevik, Mike Holton, Marita Fridjhon

February Focus | Canada in Transition
Tuesday February 7, 2023 • 12 pm Central

Thanks to all who joined us to focus in on Myth Change in Canada in our February meeting. Stay tuned for details on the call coming up on April 4th.

These free, regularly scheduled Zoom meetings are open to anyone with ORSC training, including coaches, HR professionals, Agile consultants, academics and change leaders. We are a practice-based community relying on deep democracy to hear what is most wanted and needed.

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Save the Date

As part of the move toward consolidated platforms, the ORSC Canada Community of Practice will now be meeting every second month. You are invited to join the Next Great Chapter | ORSC U.S. Community of Practice meeting for the alternate months.

April 4 + June 6, 2023

12:00 pm Central | 6:00 pm CEST

How are Canadian practitioners using Relationship Systems Intelligence in their lives and work?

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