Leapers, Bridge Builders and Tradition holders

Response Styles to Change

A virtual workshop-in-a-box.

​If you are looking for a workshop structured to help facilitate change initiatives, the Leapers virtual course
​can provide that structure and give you everything you need to lead a change management workshop, virtual or in-person.

Research indicates that the pace of change has accelerated over the past few years. This virtual course offers professionals (coaches, leaders, team managers) fresh contexts, tools and exercises to support the successful navigation of change.

​With this change management workshop-in-a-box virtual course, you will receive everything you need to work with your clients and teams around response styles to change. It is also an excellent introduction to the power of Relationship Systems Coaching.

In this course, you will explore:

  • A simple and powerful model for how teams and organizations change.
  • Tools and exercises to identify and leverage different response styles to change.
  • How to leverage the strengths and work around the challenges of Leapers, Bridge Builders and Tradition Holders.
  • Practical exercises and questionnaires to help your clients and teams immediately apply the concepts to current change initiatives.
  • A workshop “kit” with the tools, timelines and graphics needed to run the program.​


No prerequisite. Although Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) training is useful in grasping the approach of this virtual course, it is not required.

Who would benefit from this training?

Anyone who works with teams and organizations (including organizational leaders and managers) would benefit from this training.

For independent coaches and consultants, this workshop is also an excellent “door opener,” since it is relevant and engaging to any kind of organization.

What to expect.

All courses are led by CRR Global Faculty members. They are highly qualified and experienced coach practitioners who will share with you real-life examples of the successful application of tools and competencies.

At CRR Global, we practice experiential learning with a focus on active participation and learning by doing. There will be numerous opportunities for you to coach and facilitate, as well as to receive feedback on your newly acquired relationship systems coaching skills.

To deepen the learning, participants will have to organise from within their own network an actual relationship system to coach during an evening within the training course.

Course format.

This course is available in a virtual format. It consist of of three 2-hour interactive calls (6 hours total) on the Zoom platform.

ICF Accredited.

You may not miss more than a combined total of 15 live minutes of the entire 6 hours training. Upon completion you will receive a certificate and 6 ICF CCEs (4.5 Core/1.5 Resource Dev.).

Watch a free information webinar.

The creator of the Leapers virtual course, Faith Fuller, President and Co-Founder of CRR Global offers invaluable information about this program.

How to book a course.

Our courses are organized by region by our network of Partners across the globe. Book a course with your local CRR Global partner! The Leapers virtual course is currently organised by our partner in the US.

Learn more about relationship systems coaching.

Learn more about relationship systems coaching.