ORSC™ Certification

Mastery in the Making

Whether the goal is to create a brilliant product, raise a family, elevate equity or explore a new frontier, strong relationship makes all the difference.

If you believe in the power of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) and are ready to master it, ORSC Certification is your next step. Dive into this illuminating 35-week program and unlock your potential as a systems coach.

Expand your ability to work with systems of every size and all forms of diversity - from teams to intimate partnerships to the system within yourself.

Change the world – one relationship system at a time.

Just Getting Started With ORSC?

Learn more about the Prerequisite program for ORSC Certification - The 5-Course ORSC Series!

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Team coach training experts using with ORSC Certification by CRR Global

ORSC Certification provides 96.5 CCEs and ORSC is a Level 2 ICF Accredited program.

The Certification Experience


ORSC Certification outline of program
Mastery Module with ORSC Certification by CRR Global

Mastery Modules

120-minute sessions with your full cohort in scheduled class time

These sessions focus on the theory, context, practice, and application of critical ORSC tools and skills. Each time, we will study an ORSC tool or skill in depth, practice coaching with it, and talk about application of the tool.

Colleague Calls with ORSC Certification by CRR Global

Colleague Calls

Expand on the wisdom of the material and discuss practical details of coaching in your peer community.

Virtual Immersion with ORSC Certification by CRR Global

Virtual Immersion

Three 8-hour days with your full cohort, focused on coaching teams

As a cohort, you will practice team coaching using yourselves as a system. This includes reflecting on your experience, working with the ORSC tools and being coached as a client system by your colleagues.

Coaching Supervision with ORSC Certification by CRR Global

Coaching Supervision

• Two 120-minute sessions with the full cohort
• One 75-minute individual coaching supervision session

Mentor coaching focuses on the ‘doing’ of coaching, while supervision is about the ‘being.’ These sessions encourage you to consciously reflect on who you are as a systems coach.

Mentor Coaching with ORSC Certification by CRR Global

Mentor Coaching

• 90-minute small group mentor coaching sessions
• 120-minute team-focused mentor coaching sessions with the full cohort
• 75-minute individual mentor coaching sessions

Get feedback and insights into your progress with this combination of different kinds of mentor coaching. You’ll use both client recordings and coaching scenarios to refine your practice.

Self-Directed Learning

Self Study with ORSC Certification by CRR Global

Self Study

These lessons, exercises and quizzes complement other learning in the program as you explore the ORSC model in rich detail.

Worldwork Project with ORSC Certification by CRR Global

Worldwork Project

Apply ORSC principles, tools and skills to a documented real-world project. You’ll track your progress along the way and present your learning at the end of the program.

100 Hours Coaching Practice with ORSC certification

100 Hours of Coaching

You have a full year from the start of the program to complete your hours and cross the edge to become a master ORSC practitioner.

What can ORSC Certification do for you?

Master the ORSC mindset.
Fulfill your potential as an ORSC coach, as you study, practice and discuss the fine points of relationship systems coaching.

Become comfortable with coaching systems of any size.
You’ll practice coaching a range of systems, from pairs to families, partnerships, groups, teams and large organizations.

Add an ICF-approved credential to your list.
As a graduate of the original ICF accredited relationship systems coaching program, you are recognized as an expert in team and systems coaching.

Develop your practice.
Learn how to confidently talk about ORSC coaching, enroll clients and charge what you are worth.

Experience personal growth.
So many ORSC coaches tell us that this training changes the way that they think about the world. As you deepen your understanding of Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) and how systems work, you’ll continue to develop both personally and professionally.

Expand your professional network.
You will get to know our faculty and other students in your cohort very well, and this sense of community often lasts far beyond the end of the program.

Dip into the wisdom of our faculty.
Ask questions and receive tips from our world-class cohort leaders, mentor coaches and coaching supervisors.

Apply your learning on a practical level.
The WorldWork Project invites you to take relationship systems coaching even further, as you apply ORSC to a real-world situation to create positive change.

Take a step toward leading courses for us.
If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a Course or Cohort Leader for CRR Global, know that ORSC Certification is one of the requirements to applying.

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Just Getting Started With ORSC?

Learn more about the Prerequisite program for Certification - The 5-Course ORSC Series!

You’re invited to sign up for a live Zoom session where our Certification team explains the details of the program.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the meeting.

NEW: 3rd Thursday of Every Month • 7:00am PT/10:00am ET

RSVP & View Dates

RSVP & View Dates

ORSC Certification is the final step in the full ORSC series. If you have not yet completed the other courses, we invite you to learn more about ORSC.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should consider Certification?

ORSC is useful for anyone who wants to be better at effective relationship. This is true from the very first course in the series right through to the master level of Certification,

Experienced coaches invest in ORSC because learning to coach systems will help them to establish themselves as experts in a different market. ORSC is useful to personal, executive and organizational coaches who work with large groups and teams. The ORSC mindset also applies directly to the work of Agile coaches, project managers. mediators, lawyers, couple and family therapists, OD and HR consultants.

How is the program structured?

Certification involves 35 weeks of regular sessions with a mid-program break. We kick off with an orientation call where you can meet your Cohort Leader and ask questions about all of the details of the course.

The program takes place on Zoom, and you’ll receive a customized calendar for your cohort. Expect the types of call to vary from week to week. Most sessions take place at a regular time and day each week.  You’ll also take part in a three-day virtual immersion and schedule time to do self study lessons, individual mentor coaching and coaching supervision sessions.

As part of the program, you’ll complete a Worldwork Project which applies the ORSC skillset to a practical situation. We encourage you to choose something you are passionate about, and to actively create the change you want to see in the world.

Scroll down to sign up for an information session, or to connect with a member of our Certification team.

Who is on the Certification team?

Our Certification team is led by some of CRR Global’s most senior faculty members. All are highly qualified and experienced coaches who work directly with systems.

You’ll be getting to know a Cohort leader, mentor coaches and coaching supervisors who will share their experiences with coaching from the ORSC model. We also encourage you to develop a relationship with the other members of your cohort. Many students find their learning community becomes a valuable network once the program is compete.

What’s the online process like?

Chances are that you’ve already experienced ORSC in a virtual setting. If so, you know that our faculty are masters at fostering online learning and relationship in our online classrooms.

In Certification, you’ll receive rich details to supplement the materials you received in the intermediate series.

How much time should I expect to spend on this program?

ORSC Certification is different for every student. In addition to the actual sessions, most spend three to four hours each week on their learning.

The amount of time you spend developing your Worldwork Project will depend on what you choose to do.

What language is used in the Certification calls?

Unless otherwise indicted, Certification is offered in English.

Will I be with students in my own country?

As a Certification student, you will be in relationship with students and faculty from around the world! You can choose the start date and time that works for you. Since cohorts are open to anyone, you may find yourself mingling with coaches from any of our partner countries. It’s a wonderful way to build a global network.

Pricing Options

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One Payment
Cost: $8,445 USD

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Cost: $8,998 USD

8 Equal Monthly Payments of $1,124.75 USD

Split Payments
Cost: $8,445 USD

2 Equal Payments of $4,222.50 USD

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Available Cohorts

ORSC Certification Charm cohort sold out

Cohort #71 – Charm – Sold Out!

European Time Zone Friendly

Call Day/Time:
Thursdays •  5pm to 7pm CEST

Orientation Call Date:
March 7, 2024

Start Call Date:
March 28, 2024

First Program Break:
June 29 – July 18, 2024

Virtual Immersion:
July 19-21, 2024, 9am to 5pm CEST

End Call Date:
December 12, 2024

ORSC Certification Enchantment cohort

Cohort #72 – Enchantment – New!

North American Time Zone Friendly

Note: Dates & times have been updated to a September start date.

Call Day/Time:
Thursdays • 8am to 10am PT/ 11am to 1pm ET

Orientation Call Date:
September 5, 2024

Start Call Date:
September 12, 2024

First Program Break:
November 23 – December 1, 2024

Second Program Break:
December 21, 2025 – January 9, 2025

Virtual Immersion:
January 10-12, 2025, 5am to 1pm PT/ 8am to 4pm ET

End Call Date:
June 19, 2025

Majestic ORSC Certification Cohort 2024

Cohort #73 – Majestic – New!

European Time Zone Friendly

Call Day/Time:
Tuesdays • 5pm to 7pm CET

Orientation Call Date:
September 3, 2024

Start Call Date:
September 17, 2024

Program Break:
December 21, 2024 to January 9, 2025

Virtual Immersion:
January 10-12, 2025, 9am to 5pm CEST

End Call Date:
June 03, 2025

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