Systemic Group Supervision

Be part of the next evolution for systemic supervision for team coaches


As part of our continual development program, we are delighted to announce the launch of our training course for Systemic Supervision for Team Coaches. This is a pioneering course designed for team coaches to reflect and explore the challenges and opportunities of their work using the RSI Principles.

Starting in January 2022, this is your opportunity to take part and help shape the offering on Group Supervision for Team Coaches.

What are the benefits of Systemic Group Supervision for Team Coaches?

  • This is a reflective space for you as ORSC practitioners to explore collectively the challenges and opportunities of your work using the RSI Principles.
  • You will have the opportunity to work through individual case-studies and deepen your ORSC wisdom as applied in your practice.
  • For you to deepen your awareness as to who you are as a practitioner, expand your range and develop more agility in your practice.
  • You will have the benefit of being in supervision with a Systemic Group Supervisor and the wider reflection that comes from the collective wisdom of the group.

In committing to the group supervision you will expand your awareness of who you are in relationship with.  You will gain clarity on how you impact clients and how clients impact you, as well as how this impacts the wider relationship.

What do the sessions look like?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  Register your interest today!

As part of an elect group, you are invited to take part in these sessions at a discounted rate for the first cohort for Systemic Group Supervision for Team Coaches.

The cost of the four sessions is $1,000USD which is a discounted rate of the usual price of $1,600USD.

If you can commit to four 90 minute sessions starting in January 2022 and you feel this is something you will benefit from, please complete this form indicating your time zone and preferences.

Places are limited, so please provide your response by Friday 31st December.

If you have any further queries please contact