Systems Coaching Supervision

Reflective practice for team coaches and leaders

Group Coaching Supervision
for the Systems Coach

Whether you are just starting out or have years of coaching experience, Systems Coaching Supervision is a dynamic professional and personal growth resource. It uses a systems lens to examine how you work with teams, organizations, couples and pairs, as well as with the system within yourself. Through Systems Coaching Supervision, you’ll take another step toward mastery in working with systems. This powerful process led by one of our highly experienced supervisors will:

  • heighten your awareness of who you are as a coach.
  • reveal ways to add more impact and scope to your practice.
  • solidify your ethical integrity and best practices for coaching.
  • resource and restore you for this demanding work.

As part of a supportive peer group, you’ll experience the same collaboration and insight you’ve come to trust in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™). CRR Global’s systems inspired coaching supervision supports the essential work you do with teams and systems.

ORSC is a Level 2 ICF accredited coach training education program

CRR Global is an ICF accredited Level 2 coach training school.

Our coaching supervision programs fulfill the requirement for your ICF Advanced Certification for Team Coaches (ACTC) – and do so much more.

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Discover and deepen your strengths
crossing edges
Cross your own edges and see beyond blind spots
Vision icon resource and enhance your wellbeing
Resource and enhance your wellbeing as a coach
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Renew your relationship with your work
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Weave systems coaching competencies into your practice
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Rediscover the joy of coaching systems

Two frameworks for reflective practice

Just as an athlete must practice to be at the top of their game, coaches need reflective practice to stay in peak form. Develop the healthy habit of team coaching supervision in our five-hour group, or dive even deeper into intentional awareness in our 10-hour group.


Choose between a five-hour and a 10-hour model to support the evolution of your practice.


Team Coaching Supervision Group

Fast track to establish yourself as a team coach and fulfill your ACTC coaching supervision requirement

  • Small cohorts
  • Virtual program / Four x 75-minute sessions
  • Establish this healthy habit for coaching professionals
  • Experience systems-inspired reflection guided by an ORSC coaching supervisor
  • Deepen your team and systems coaching practice, enhance self-awareness, and consider ethics and best practices
  • Access a model which help systems to align and act together
  • Counts as five hours of ICF resource development credits

Get the five hours of group coaching supervision required for the Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC). Discover how reflective practice can give you fresh perspective on your coaching. Using CRR Global’s Meet, Reveal, Align & Act model as a framework, you’ll strengthen your muscle of systems thinking and unfold your experiences to grow as a practitioner.

meet reveal align act

$995 USD

10 Hour Program

Systems Coaching Supervision Group

Evolve your team and systems coaching capability in our transformative gold-standard model

  • Small cohorts
  • Virtual program / Five x 120-minute sessions scheduled every other week
  • Continue your vertical development with inspiration and support from an ORSC coaching supervisor
  • Reflect on and refresh your practice in community with others
  • Expand your awareness, adjust your mindset, and boost your impact
  • Delve into best practices for complex situations and ethical dilemmas
  • Each session uses a different principle of Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) to support your work with teams and systems
  • Counts as 10 hours of ICF resource development credits

If you see coaching supervision as an investment into your own potential, this is the program for you. It is designed for coaches and leaders who believe in the power of systems, and want to intentionally evolve their practice. In this safe and thoughtful space, you’ll develop a better understanding of who you are as a coach and what you bring to this profession. Once you’ve experienced this incredible resource, you may find yourself returning to it regularly as a key way to care for your own wellbeing.

relationship systems intelligence group of figures

$1,995 USD

Both the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF) recommend coaching supervision as a key support for coaches.

Coaching supervision Zen stones reflective

Over 20 years ago, we created the original ICF-accredited systems coaching program. Now, CRR Global offers a unique model of coaching supervision to support this essential work with teams and systems.

Systems & Team Coaching Supervision Groups

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19 September - 14 November
8:00 am - 10:00 am

Systems Coaching Supervision – 2024 Cohort #5

NewPacific Time Zone FriendlyVirtual
24 September - 05 November
8:00 am - 9:15 am

Team Coaching Supervision – Sept-Nov 2024

08 October - 03 December
1:00 am - 3:00 am

Systems Coaching Supervision – 2024 Cohort #6

Japan Time Zone FriendlyNewVirtual
21 January - 04 March
8:00 am - 9:15 am

Team Coaching Supervision – Jan-Mar 2025

New course dates coming soon.
Team coach training and supervision for ACTC credentials

“A very resourceful place to enhance your systemic coaching experiences. It creates a collective space for learning.”

*Systems Coaching Supervision Participant

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In-House Systems Coaching Supervision

Bring this incredible coaching resource to your coaching team.

Do you have a group of five or more coaches who want to experience systems coaching supervision? Reach out to arrange a private virtual offering of this reflective support for team and systems coaches.

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Common Questions about Coaching Supervision

What’s the difference between mentor coaching and coaching supervision?

While mentor coaching and supervision are both key supports for professional coaches, they are not the same. A mentor coach observes your coaching and provides feedback, much as a teacher would. This helps you to improve on your training, and to meet the coaching competencies and capabilities which credentialing bodies require. In comparison, supervision evolves you as a coach. Often it takes the form of a conversation. Conversation is less about developing a new skill, and more about reflecting on how you are showing up and what matters to you. You’ll find yourself exploring ethical challenges and best practices. Ideally, you’ll draw energy and inspiration from coaching supervision sessions.

Why is coaching supervision important?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) recognizes coaching supervision as important to a coach’s professional development, learning and growth. Coaching supervision is recommended for full-time professional coach practitioners as part of their portfolio of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities designed to keep them ‘fit for purpose.’ Up to 10 hours of resource development credit may be used toward your ICF credential or renewal.