Leigh Marz



Leigh brings seventeen years of experience in public benefit organizations to CRR Global. As a former Executive Director, she blends years of experience leading organizations with her knowledge of systems, teams, and leadership. Leigh enjoys working with innovators and pioneers in conservation, climate change, health care, and public benefit.

The ORSC model is central to all of Leigh’s coaching and consulting work. Her organizational clients benefit greatly from a systemic view of their staff, networks, and collective intelligence. Leigh also witnesses clients prosper and boost their bottom line when they remember the true value of human connection and clear communication.

​Some of her clients include: The Energy Foundation, City and County of Denver, Berkeley Patients Group, Contra Costa County Mental Health Department, Global Footprint Network, CalTrans, The Nature Conservancy, Audubon California, PRBO Conservation Science, API Wellness, New Leaf Services, Califronia Latinas for Reproductive Justice, Touro University, Aepoch Fund, and CompassPoint.