Beth Shapiro



Beth Shapiro specializes in coaching and training to improve performance, resolve conflict, and create sustainable change for leaders, teams, and organizations. Her work focuses on building capacity to execute on business strategy and mission.

Beth is a Certified Professional and Relationship Systems Coach (PCC, ORSCC), and holds a Master in Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Her background includes 20+ years of management, leadership, and team-development work in the private and nonprofit sectors, including roles as CEO, board member, and board chair. She has provided coaching and training in a variety of settings including Federal and state government, higher education, nonprofits, and a number of private sector industries.

As a subject matter expert for experiential Learning, Beth played a leading role in the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s Security Evolution trainings, featured on 60 Minutes and She was a member of the IDEO design team that developed the trainings, and was the designer and leader of an extensive train-the-trainer program that prepared more than 1,000 TSA employees to train the entire 50,000+ workforce. The Department of Homeland Security included this transformational TSA program among their top 10 successes for 2008.

Beth is a founding member of The Coaches Studio, an organization aimed at raising the bar for development of artistry and mastery in the coaching profession.

Trained in Adventure-Based Counseling, Beth has also worked in outdoor and challenge settings with people with disabilities, and those involved in recovery from violence and other trauma.

Some of her clients include: Scripps Networks, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, U.S. Transportation Security Administration, IDEO, University of California at San Francisco, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, National Head Start Association, Family Equality Council, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Oxfam America, World Education, Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse, eSecLending, Keene Downtown Group.