Janet Frood



Janet is an internationally certified coach specializing in executive, leadership and team development. Janet has a proven record of change management, innovation, collaboration and goal achievement. She is an accomplished executive leader with 25 years of experience in university, health care and social service sectors.

Well regarded by professional colleagues, clients, senior volunteers and staff because of personable style and approach. Janet is known as someone who thinks and acts strategically and who gets things done.

Janet coaches executive leaders stepping into new leadership roles or those who are facilitating change in both non-profit and public sector businesses. One of her greatest strengths is working with teams and organizations, particularly using team assessments, measuring team effectiveness and culture surveys.

She has also designed customized team coaching programs to maximize strengths and develop weaknesses; create a shared vision; design team agreements; process conflict in constructive ways; create alignment through shared values; work to resolve toxic communication styles

​In addition, Janet creates and designs custom curriculum for the CRR Global Relationship Excellence Series…Trust: The Courageous Journey for Partners, Teams and You! Currently, Janet is President of Horizon Leadership Institute Inc. as well as a faculty member.


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