Jela Begonja Kovacevic

PCC, MBA, MA International Business, ORSCC

Jela Begonja Kovacevik, team and systems coach, leadership coach, ORSCC

Jela is a leadership development coach delivering executive coaching, leadership assessment and development, team and systems coaching and facilitation, coaching training for senior, mid-level and board-level individuals and teams.

Jela is passionate about improving relationships, because relationships design our lives. She is dedicated to helping people develop individual and collective leadership so they can thrive both personally and professionally.

Jela is a loving mother of three children, and a wife, daughter and sister. Her family means the world to her. Her passions include yoga, nature and photography. The sea is her playground and her inspiration. Jela, who considers herself a lifelong learner, currently resides in Canada and calls Croatia home.