Judy van Zon, MSc, CPCC, PCC, ORSCC

Director of Certification & Senior Faculty Member

Judy van Zon

After living and working in several countries, Judy speaks the language of people who are crossing a border, physically as well as emotionally. In short, she works with people who are going through personal or professional change. One of the things that sets her apart is her inclusion of spirituality to help her clients better connect to their own inner wisdom and power.

In her team coaching, Judy believes that working with the ORSC model is a very powerful way to build bridges in relationships. It goes far beyond familiar skills like empathy and active listening. It offers a whole new way of looking at people and how we live and work together. Her focus is on working with corporate leaders and teams.

Training others in this allows her to spread this energy throughout the world. She also applies her skills to roles like facilitating and mentoring. Her clients include individuals, executives, couples, small businesses, educational establishments and boards. The last 25 years she lived and worked in six countries on three continents, the last 3,5 years in India and the region around. She just moved back to the Netherlands.

Judy speaks Dutch, English, German, Spanish, and French. With a Masters in Business Administration, her professional career started in the commercial operations of an international consumer goods company. Managerial responsibilities allowed her to discover her fascination with people, which finally led to working full time as a coach, supporting clients to live and perform to their powerful potential.