Kerry Woodcock



Kerry’s purpose is to lead change for a world of change. As a leadership coach, she challenges and supports leaders, teams and networks to amplify the power of relationship—for it is powerful relationship that creates meaningful change. Weaving together innovations from the world of change leadership, neuro-leadership, process-oriented psychology, adult development, systems and embodied coaching, she coaches leaders to grow collective and change leadership capability, through developing a change climate, mindset and culture. She is a perceptive, playful adventurer who  brings a natural lightness and rigour to everything she does and has been described as a BrinkLeader, StoryWeaver and LightSprite.

Kerry started her career as a participatory learning and action practitioner and trainer, supporting the negotiation of changing roles between government, NGOs and local forest people in natural forest management in Tanzania. Her book ‘Changing Roles in Natural Forest Management’, based on her doctoral research, was published in 2002 and is still well referenced today. She is a professionally accredited and certified coach, with 15 years of coaching experience and 10 years experience coaching leaders and teams at C-Suite and Senior Director and Manager levels. She works as both an external and internal senior leadership and team coach, coaching in a range of organizational contexts from NGOs to local and national government, and private and public corporations, in a variety of fields from Energy, Environment, Engineering, Media, Communications, and domains from Finance to IT and Human Resources. She is a trainer, mentor and supervisor of new and senior coaches in systems coaching and is a CRR Global faculty leader, training and supervising both coaches and leaders in relationship systems coaching skills. In 2018, she led the training program for the first cohort of Ethiopian EthicalCoaches, eighteen of whom received European Mentoring and Coaching Council accreditation at foundation level or higher, and continues to support the Ethiopian Local Coach Network that emerged from that, as well as lead the Coaching Impact Evaluation for EthicalCoach.

British-born. she lives in Calgary with her adventurous family and the world as her playground. She finds her deepest connection through story weaving both in writing flash fiction, filming biopics, painting portraits and dancing – both on the inside and outside.