Kiki Kesseler



Kiki is an international trainer with CRR Global, and is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2004. Originally from the Netherlands, Kiki has lived in Austria, Germany and in New York. Kiki coaches leadership teams within organizations, works with SME’s and loves the personal work with couples and individuals as well. With more than 15 years of experience working with international brands, Kiki has been well exposed to cultural diversity within organizations and teams. Her passion for working with systems diversity and dynamics brings energy to the room!

Kiki is a certified ORSC coach, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Business Management. She worked with Inter*Continental and Four Seasons for several years, followed by a career in Luxury Cosmetics Retail as Regional Training & Key Account Manager for L’Oréal Travel Retail. Within both industries she specialized in working with large teams from diverse cultural backgrounds, enabling respectful communication and collaboration, with a focus on positive energy and motivation.

The value of working with teams and relationships, lies in the balance between revealing what is trying to happen and educating the client on how to self-manage similar issues in the future for a more positive and productive relationship.

Some of her clients include: Al Futtaim, JA Hotels & Resorts, RIXOS, Orient Insurance, and L’Oréal Middle East.