Marita Fridjhon Co-owner and CEO, CRR Global

Marita Fridjhon


Co-Founder and
CEO of CRR Global

Revealing the Brilliance of Systems

Marita Fridjhon is co-founder of CRR Global and mentor to an ever-growing community of practitioners in the field of Relationship Systems work.

Marita invites us to unlock the potential of Systems Inspired Change, with thought leadership which shifts the paradigm from the individual to the interdependent.

Over two decades ago, Marita and co-founder Faith Fuller developed the simple yet revolutionary idea of Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) – that leadership lives in the whole system rather than individuals, and that each system has a personality and intelligence of its own. Thousands of coaches and leaders around the globe now wield the ORSC skillset, taking team coaching competencies into government, non-profits and corporate contexts including Nova Nordisk, the United Nations, IBM, Boeing, UNICEF, Harvard University, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, The U.S. House of Representatives, Cisco, Google, Salesforce, and Kaiser Permanente.

Growing up in South Africa, Marita was deeply aware of and actively campaigned against social injustice. She realized that even the most dedicated individual cannot achieve systemic change alone, that hearing all voices matters, and that developing connection within teams and systems supports us in tackling the most complex of problems.

Working in collaboration with an international team at CRR Global, Marita excels in supporting client systems to uncover systems inspired solutions from the collective wisdom within the larger whole. As CEO, her commitment is to be a Systems Inspired Leader, leveraging diversity and creative conversation, establishing social equity in conflict, and empowering teams to call forth transformation from the system itself.

Experience & Education

Learn more blue arrow  Marita is an accredited coach and trained therapist with degrees in Social Work and Medical Social Work. She completed her training in Psychiatric Social Work before acquiring qualifications in Process Work, Alternative Dispute Resolution, coaching and team coaching.

Learn more blue arrow  Marita has led initiatives for systemic change in South Africa, the British West Indies, United Kingdom, Brazil and the United States. In the company of her colleagues, global partners and faculty at CRR Global, Marita has trained and inspired change agents on the ground in Egypt during the Arab Spring, Japan during the tsunami crises, in Israel, Turkey and during other significant moments of social and political upheaval.

Learn more blue arrow  Marita has served as a keynote speaker for the International Coaching Federation, the Organization Development Network, Scrum Academy. and others. She appears at leadership conferences, in human potential summits and in virtual speaking engagements for audiences around the world.

Learn more blue arrow  Marita is an EMCC Accredited Coach Supervisor.

Speaking Engagements

Recognized as a thought leader in relationship systems coaching and leadership, Marita has served as keynote speaker at events across the world.

ICF Imagine 2022 Conference
Imagine a future in which the coaching industry, while embracing technology in various ways, is able to create from the possibility of dwindling human connection. How do we dance with this challenge, and reimagine our industry serving a new market with a desperate need of soft skills?

Schouten Learning Festival
A conversation on Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI) and Systems Inspired Leadership (SIL) – road maps for navigating what is currently emerging in our world. Marita discusses how the Meet – Reveal – Align & Act process can support change and transformation.

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