Martin Klaver



Martin becomes enthusiastic when it comes to group dynamics. Guiding systems in these dynamics and making patterns and potential aware is beautiful and rewarding work. The systemic perspective is leading, where other theories, where supportive, are used. In addition, Martin designs and supervises many Management Development processes where personal development (IQ and EQ), relationships with others (SQ) and relationship

with systems (RSI) are fundamental. Fun, experimental and essence are themes that you can recognize in his methods.

Martin has a master’s degree in Business Administration and extensive work experience in HR and organizational development at various organizations. Based in the Netherlands, Martin facilitates with his team a diversity of organizations and leaders in their development. The purpose of his company
is to bring more balance in the world. They focus to create a possibility atmosphere in which that can
evolve what is needed.

As a Faculty member of CRR Global, Martin is an ICF credential, Certified in ORSC, DISC and
Workplace Big Five.