Michelle Howard

Director of Systemic Equity Initiatives

Michelle Davis

Michelle Davis, MS, LPC, ORSCC, believes the vehicle for system change lies in our relationships. Nothing meaningful has ever happened in our society in isolation. It has been because of the courageous, authentic and daring voices that have called for something better within us to achieve something better with one another.

Michelle’s professional journey has included a season of providing therapy, as a licensed professional counselor, to the most vulnerable among us; a season of developing and delivering learning experiences that challenge and disrupt the status quo when the status quo no longer serves; and currently, a season providing leadership, team and relationship systems coaching as a Certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coach, to maximizes the passion, dedication and unwavering commitment from professionals in the human services disciplines.

Michelle’s path has been purposeful. Throughout her 24-year career she has worked with individuals, families, teams, and groups from a systems perspective – what shifts in one impacts the whole. She has helped others shift from operating out of fear and disconnection to stepping into authenticity, vulnerability, and connection, all aided by her certification as a Daring Way Facilitator. Michelle recognizes that teams, leaders and organizations are all in the “relationship” business and through the building of emotional and social intelligence, teams are better positioned to develop relationship systems intelligence yielding successful organizational outcomes.

Michelle has guided transformation that enables systems to move beyond what separates them to what connects them. In that vein and throughout her career, Michelle has engaged teams in practices that foster equity and cultural humility while helping to reduce the power and privilege dynamics that inhibit appreciating and leveraging those differences.

Michelle has the opportunity to do this work daily as the Director of Systemic Equity Initiatives and as a Leadership Coach serving those who support, engage and protect children and families in the child welfare system. Michelle leads a team of brilliant and committed individuals in the development of learning experiences that galvanize growth. She has authored over 20 workforce development curricula, delivered training in over 30 states across the country and presented at national and international conferences.