Rasha Mardam Bey


Rasha Mardem Bey

Rasha’s purpose, is to be a relationship inspired leader that consistently walks the talk to create skillful healthy connections under the most arduous conditions. Rasha works for reputed global hospital group Cleveland Clinic in the United Arab Emirates, where she leads the Leadership and Talent Development function. In this role, she has designed a plethora of transformational coaching and training initiatives such as the new Leadership Development Journey and gained public recognition for her contributions. Her coaching niche is leadership teams and organisations in the Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Research sectors. Rasha was led to ORSC due to relationship failures and an eagerness to learn how to consciously be and stay in relationship when it matters most. Studying Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching created something of a renaissance for Rasha; by increasing both her self-awareness and impact of self upon relationships whilst providing the toolbox to show up consistently in a conscious and intentional way.

Her career includes roles for Biz Group, Fortune PromoSeven, MASDAR, RogemSi Worldwide and latterly Cleveland Clinic. Rasha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Marketing from Webster University, USA. She is an International Coaching Federation accredited Professional Certified Coach and a Certified Organisational Relationship Systems Coach. Her certifications include Hogan, The Leadership Challenge, Crucial conversations and she is an EQ Coach practitioner. She is a certified Spinning and Yoga Instructor and a qualified 12-meter Boat Captain. Originally from Syria, Rasha has lived in Switzerland and speaks Arabic, English and French. She is based in Abu Dhabi with her husband and four children. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor pursuits, riding, water sports and yoga.