Suncica Getter



Prior to becoming a coach, Suncica worked as an English language teacher, English and American Literature lecturer and as a translator and interpreter.

Her career in teaching has helped her develop mentoring skills and deepen her understanding of the learning process as well as develop her ability to plan and deliver various learning programs.

Suncica works with individuals and teams, with the main focus on leadership development and culture change. She is passionate about unlocking the relationship potential of a partnership or a team as “life takes a bit of time and a lot of relationship”.

Suncica believes that the ORSC model inspires and equips people to be conscious and intentional in their relationships – by bringing the idea of choice and intention to relationships and showing the how, CRR Global is for the better changing the way we create the world together. It brings leadership to life in every relationship.

​Some of her clients include: Accenture, Serbian Local Government (Kragujevac City Assembly), Homes for Huringay, London, X-Mobility, Aviva, and Acting Studio Kragujevac.