Victor Nunez



Victor started his coaching career in 2010 having amassed over fifteen years as an information technology professional with work in at least ten cities in Australia, Asia, Middle East and Europe and with over a dozen number of nationals and cultures. Whilst working as an information technology leader in Kabul, Afghanistan, he was amidst the company of eager staff who not only wanted to know the latest in technology but also know about themselves, their potential, their career paths and their place in the world. In Kabul, he experienced a new way of working with individuals and teams of different nationalities, cultures or tribes, leading and coaching them in the midst of constant threat to life by bombings, one of which was a very close explosion that led him to leave the country and to rethink what was important in life. This ultimately led to a career change into coaching.

Victor was a member of the Pioneer cohort and the first to be certified in Organization and Relationship Coaching (ORSCC) in the Southeast Asia and Australia region. He is also a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) and is accredited as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). He also has a long experience in and a coach of the agile way of working, possessing Certified Scrummaster (CSM) certification, mastery in the role in agile responsible, among others for the development of teams to be high performing and self-organizing. He is also versed in the practice and application of the Systemic Team Coaching model and actively engaged in the practice of nonviolent communication (NVC) in his communications and relationships. He incorporates all these practices through a brand of coaching described as getting the best in “the way you work, the way you relate and the way you are.”

Victor is experienced in coaching teams, relationships and individuals in various industries and at both corporate and private levels. He also creates and develops workshops for clients and teams around specific topics and themes where new awareness and learning is needed.

Victor worked and/or lived, including coaching people in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, India and Afghanistan. He is based in Bangkok, Thailand and his interests include subjects pertaining to foreign languages, psychology, philosophy and astrology. Asking Victor where he is from is for him and for the audience an experience, learning and application of the ORSC Geography course.