Front Of The Room Leader Auditions


You are part of a small group of practitioners on the planet that qualify to audition for Front Of Room Leader (FORL).

We currently have openings for new Front of Room Leaders (FORL) in select markets.  It is with excitement that we, at CRR Global, Inc. in conjunction with our Partners, are letting you know that auditions will be held virtually as well as in specific markets spring (2022).

FORL Auditions

We are looking for ORSC certified practitioners who have an active practice and regularly use ORSC skills and tools. The ideal new FORL will understand the needs of corporate clients, including the Agile Methodologies.  We are looking for leaders who have experience in delivering workshops and facilitating adult learning, experience leading multicultural teams or have experience working in multicultural environments.  Bi-lingual or multi-lingual in each region is a plus.  We are seeking those who are eager to help expand the ORSC program and team coaching engagements, internationally as well as in their own local markets.

FORLs also need to be able to train others and to work well with a co-leader. To those ends, the Alchemy program is required for ORSC FORLs and is recommended, but not required before auditions. Please note that at the time of the application, you must hold or be in the process of acquiring one of ICF’s Credentials (PCC, MCC).

ORSCC Certified Practitioner badge from CRR Global

Review the Required Qualifications

  • Submit your completed application form by noon (pacific) 30 January 2022 to along with the application fee to CRR Global.
  • Based on the receipt of your processing fee and submitted application, you will be notified if you have been invited to the in-person auditions by 10 February 2022.
  • If notified, you will need to accept/decline the invitation to audition no later than 12:00pm (pacific) on 17 February 2022.
  • The In-Person Audition will be 5 consecutive days and will be held both virtually and face to face (in your own location) from 2-6 March 2022. Final dates will be shared in the invitation letter. ***There is an additional fee for the audition and you will be responsible for your own travel and lodging should it be necessary to meet with the other auditionees in your location.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to contact us at and we will do our best to answer your questions.


Download The Application

Audition Application


After Completing Your Application, Submit your Application Fee