ICF Credentialing With ORSC™

For over 20 years, CRR Global has been transforming relationship in systems of every size – from pairs right up to global organizations. What makes us different than other team coach training programs? Instead of coaching individuals, we coach the whole system.

Becoming a certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) simplifies the journey toward ACC and PCC accreditation.

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ORSC is a Level 2 ICF accredited coach training education program.
ORSC is a Level 2 ICF accredited coach training education program.

Comparing Paths to the ACC and PCC

If you’re working toward your Associated Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential, ORSC Certification offers a simple, supported path which meets or exceeds the updated ICF standards.

This training was the first systems coaching model to be accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF™).

Our ORSC Certification program includes:

  • Extensive training and practice in relationship systems coaching
  • Mentor coaching (individual, group and full cohort)
  • Coaching supervision (individual and full cohort)

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Did you know? 85 percent of coaching clients say it’s important or very important for their coach to hold a credential or certification (2022 Global Consumer Awareness Study).

This program also meets the 60 hours of team coach training required for Advanced Certification in Team Coaching.

ICF Credentialing path with ORSC

How Do ORSC Coach Education Programs Build to ACC and PCC Credentials

In the ORSC series (Fundamentals through Systems Integration) and the 35-week ORSC Certification program, you’ll experience a rich mix of coach training, mentor coaching and coaching supervision.
ORSC Credentialing Path

What Coaching Credentials are Available from the ICF?

Full details on credentials are available on the ICF site. As the organization periodically updates the accreditation process, please review their standards for full details.


Associate Certified Coach

Training | CCEs
60+ hours

Coaching Experience
100+ hours

Mentor Coaching
10 hours

​Pass performance evaluation + ICF exam

Details > ICF Site


Professional Certified Coach

Training | CCEs
125+ hours

Coaching Experience
500+ hours

Mentor Coaching
​10 hours

​Pass performance evaluation + ICF exam

Details > ICF Site


Master Certified Coach

Training | CCEs
200+ hours
Existing PCC credential

Coaching Experience
2,500+ hours

Mentor Coaching
10 hours

​Pass performance evaluation + ICF exam

​Details > ICF Site


Advanced Certification in Team Coaching

Training | CCEs
60+ hours of team coaching education (ICF accredited or non-accredited)

Coaching Experience
5+ team coaching engagements within the last five years

Coaching Supervision
5+ hours

Pass ICF Exam

Details > ICF site

How Does CRR Global Programs Build Toward Credentialing

The CCE hours in these systems-inspired courses and programs can all be used toward credentialing.

ORSC Series

a group of people sitting in a circle and talking

Become a team and systems coach.

Learn how to coach systems of any size – from pairs right up to global organizations. This internationally recognized program will change the way you think about teams and systems.

The ORSC journey begins with five courses.

  • Fundamentals of ORSC™ or ORS@Work – Access a ground-breaking coaching and leadership model which uses a systems thinking approach to strengthen relationship in any context.
  • ORSC Intelligence: A Roadmap to Change™ – Explore different responses to change and discover a robust toolkit to help team members navigate it together.
  • ORSC Geography: Roles & Structure™ – Recognize that roles belong to the system, rethink structures and processes and develop shared leadership.
  • ORSC Path: Vision & Potential™ – Lean into the creative force of partnerships as you learn how to create a shared vision and a strategic path to achieve it.
  • ORSC Systems Integration: Moving Toward Mastery™ – Deepen your understanding and integrate all the dimensions of the previous ORSC courses through practice and group supervision.

ORSC Certification

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Master your systems coaching skillset. 

If you believe in the power of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) and are ready to master it, ORSC Certification is your next step.

  • Study, practice and discuss the fine points of relationship systems coaching.
  • Experience mentor coaching and coaching supervision.
  • Become comfortable with coaching systems of any size.
  • Add an ICF-approved credential and be recognized as an expert in team and systems coaching.
  • Learn how to confidently talk about ORSC coaching, enroll clients and charge what you are worth.
  • Grow yourself personally and professionally as you deepen your understanding of Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™) and how systems work.
  • Expand your professional network and acquire a community of coaches that is likely to last far beyond the end of the program.
  • Dip into the wisdom of our world-class cohort leaders, mentor coaches and coaching supervisors.
  • Apply your learning on a practical level, as you apply ORSC to a real-world situation to create positive change.
  • Take a step toward leading courses for us!

Coaching Supervision

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Get the 5 hours needed for the ACTC credential.

This powerful process led by one of our highly experienced ORSC supervisors will:

  • heighten your awareness of who you are as a coach.
  • reveal ways to add more impact and scope to your practice.
  • solidify your ethical integrity and best practices for coaching.
  • resource and restore yourself for this demanding work.

Choose a group and fulfill your ACTC credentialing requirement.

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