Relationship Systems
Coaching for Organizations

Build a systems inspired culture
with your team from the inside out.

Are you a leader facing complex organizational challenges within your company that need to be addressed and explored?

Or are you a coach who has landed a big client and needs help scaling up to accommodate their needs?

In today’s unpredictable and ambiguous world, relationship systems coaching and systems-inspired leadership are must-haves to tackle emerging and complex challenges.

With agile on the rise and distributed, remote teams becoming the norm in many organizations, developing a systems-inspired culture driven by collaborative leadership is vital for teams to stay ahead, connected and embrace continuous learning. In a systems-inspired culture, people start seeing leadership as a role that belongs to the system, instead of attributing the idea of ‘leadership’ to a particular person or a team of ‘leaders.’ At CRR Global we call this systems-inspired leadership.

When implemented in a systemic manner, coaching benefits the whole organization, not just the top layer. Organizations need to rethink the way they work and reinvent themselves to be fit-for-purpose in these challenging times. The disruption of the Pandemic means that the old ways of leading and managing don’t work anymore. Organizations use ORSC and RSI to build systems-inspired cultures that genuinely transform the way they work.

At CRR Global, we believe that in a systems-inspired culture:

  • Curiosity builds bridges. 
  • Conflict is a sign that something new is trying to happen.
  • A resilient team is a productive team.
  • Change is inevitable, so lead the charge.
  • “Leadership” is a role that is shared in the system.

Additionally, according to research, nine critical benchmarks define a systems-inspired culture. They are listed in no particular order as all are needed to create a sustainable systems-inspired culture.

  1. Everyone Is Right… Partially.
  2. Celebrate Diversity.
  3. Embrace Conflict.
  4. Share Power.
  5. Communicate Effectively.
  6. Share Responsibility.
  7. Embrace Change.
  8. Seek Clarity.
  9. Share Knowledge.

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Systems-Inspired Coaching Cultures here!

Internal coach training.

CRR Global offers internal coach training to create ground conditions for maximum organizational effectiveness. You can roll-out our world-renowned ORSC program within your organization.


Systems-inspired leadership workshops.

CRR Global offers a full suite of workshops to embed the nine benchmarks of systems-inspired cultures within your organization firmly, and to fully embrace distributed leadership. Many organizations attribute the idea of ‘leadership’ to a particular person or a team of ‘leaders.’ When starting to see leadership as a role that belongs to the system, systems-inspired leadership can show up in the most unlikely places and from the most unlikely people. 

What would your team dynamic be like if there was more of a sense of shared responsibility around the idea of ‘leadership’? What would be possible when tapping into the true potential of your team’s collective intelligence and creative powers?

Trust is at the essence of making relationship matter in organizations.

To learn more about how CRR Global can create a Systems-Inspired Culture in your Organization, contact us.


Consulting services.

Tap into the collective wisdom of CRR Global to help you devise a strategy to implement a systems-inspired culture deeply rooted in diversity and inclusion practices in your Organization. 

Coaches, consultants, HR and OD professionals leverage CRR Global’s extensive curriculum and its ORSC™ Certified coaches to tackle some of the common workplace challenges:

  • Ineffective or toxic communication.
  • Low team morale or burnout.
  • Conflict avoidance and non-resolution.
  • Lack of creativity and productivity.
  • Confusion about roles on a team.

Together with our senior certified practitioners, we bring:

  • Over 20 years of experience working with corporate and nonprofit organizations.
  • Experienced ORSC™ practitioners in over 30 countries around the world.
  • Capacity to work with any size organization, large or small.
  • Multiple areas of application expertise; from change management to leadership development, employee engagement to team effectiveness, and diversity and inclusion.

CRR Global has helped hundreds of companies, nonprofit organizations and government agencies around the world through their groundbreaking Relationship Systems Intelligence work.

Training for leaders and teams: Relationship Systems Intelligence at Work

To support growth and transformation initiatives in your team or organization, high quality systems-inspired training can be the glue that holds other leadership and coaching contributions together sustainably.

Here’s a short, interactive and powerful way for your team or organization to align and build practical skills for leadership and culture development – in a way that boosts both relationships and performance. CRR Global has poured its ORSC and Relationship Systems Intelligence wisdom and practical toolkit into the RSI@Work programme, with a business focus. We’ve equipped some of our most experienced global practitioners to bring it to your organization in-house, tailored to the particular issues and change initiatives most important to you.

Read more about the RSI@Work programme

Download the full free white paper on
Systems-Inspired Coaching Cultures here!

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