Relationship Systems Intelligence™

Transforming the Face of Leadership

Relationship Systems Intelligence™ is an advanced and courageous way of approaching leadership and team interactions. The development of RSI™ within a team or organizational system accelerates collaboration and supports the creative thinking needed to face the challenges of this millennium. In the same way that Emotional Intelligence equips individuals to master their internal life, and Social Intelligence engenders empathy, RSI enables leaders and teams to tap into the true potential of human beings’ collective intelligence and creative powers.

The basic principle of RSI is the redirection of focus from the individuals within the system, to the whole system as an entity in itself. This shift in focus enables Leaders, teams and organizations to move beyond personal concerns and petty conflicts to a positive and generative group identity. The strength of a team’s identity provides resilience and the resources necessary to navigate the constantly changing challenges organizations face.


Highly interactive, and tool-rich, every workshop provides research and theory to set the context, the introduction and training around a tool or process designed to help teams and organizations, followed by the opportunity to practice using those tools and processes in real-work situations. Bottom line? We coach teams and we train teams how to coach themselves.

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Organizational and Team Coaching

The beauty of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching is that it supports both small and large-scale coaching engagements: entire departments, divisions, even organizations can benefit from real-time interventions around culture, leadership, change and conflict management.

ORSC Team and Organizational Coaching can be done in person or via teleconferences depending on the client need and the geographic location of the team members.

Executive Coaching
CRR Global maintains a deep and experienced bench of ORSCC (Organization & Relationship Systems Certified) Blue Ribbon Coaches who bring a relationship systems focus to their one-on-one and one-on-two coaching sessions.

ORSC is made for relationships. Whether they’re coaching a C-level executive, a new manager and her direct report, or co-owners of a small organization, the ORSC approach can make a system-wide impact.

Custom Training & Coaching Engagements
CRR Global is proud to have collaborated with many of our clients to co-create original training and development curriculum, then support those trained to deliver it (train-the-trainer). Some partners have licensed existing curriculum while others have consulted with us to design a custom solution. CRR Global’s curriculum works well with other training and coaching modalities and is robust enough to support a vast array of development initiatives.



Have you ever worked with a team that attacked each other? That communicated through snarky comments, blame and scapegoating? Learn how to recognize The Zebra Phenomenon and learn techniques for unfolding and working with those dynamics. Marita provides a refresher on the COIN handout and when to use it to its greatest effect.