Explore the potential
of your team.


International Coaching Week (ICW) will take place between May 8-14, 2023 to celebrate the power and impact of professional coaching.

During the week, CRR Partners are hosting community events exploring various topics around this year’s theme; ‘explore the potential of your team’.

ICF International Coaching Week

International Coaching Week Partner Events:

Monday 8th May

Schouten China

Explore the Potential of Your Team – how ORSC can help teams to unleash their potential for biz result

8 May 2.30pm – 4.30 pm (China Time)

With Mish Middelmann & Jie Zhou.

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Tuesday 9th May

CRR Global North, Central and South America Session

Embracing The Potential of Diversity in Teams: A Systems Inspired Approach

A round-table discussion with Marita Fridjhon and Michelle Davis, joined by Brandon Raines and other CRR Global Faculty

11.00am (PT) 1 .00pm (CT)

We live in a world of different perspectives, cultures, customs, and truths. As coaches and leaders, we must be able to meet those around us where they are – hearing, seeing, and sensing their experience, and creating spaces that can support everyone. If you’re curious about how to foster connection within diverse teams, this call is for you. Marita Fridjhon, CRR Global Co-founder and CEO, and Michelle Davis, Director of Systemic Equity Initiatives, lead this conversation with Brandon Raines and other CRR Global faculty members. Please bring your questions and suggestions.

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Competence (Schouten Europe)

Explore your Potential – information session on the added value of ORSC to explore your team’s potential

4.00pm – 5.00pm (CET)

With Frank Uit de Weerd, CRR Global faculty and co-author of the Systems Inspired Leadership book

If your organization aspires to build better relationships and have a greater impact in the world, this information session explains how ORSC can add value.

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Wednesday 10th May


Explore the Potential of Teams; how we can use ORSC to unlock systemic equity

9.30am – 5.00pm (BST) in person event London

With ORSC-UK Steering group and CRR-UK and CRR Global Faculty

Re-discover the magical energy and flow that comes when ORSCers meet in person. You are invited to a day of practice to explore what “creating systemic equity” means for you, us and the wider world!

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Schouten China

Explore the Potential of Your Team – Experiencing ORSC coaching (real workplace scenario role play/offline event in Beijing)

2.00pm – 5.00pm (China Time)

With Ying Chen

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Green Light Go

Explore The Potential of your team

6.00pm – 7.30pm (CET)

With Carol Westerman and Dino Zafarakis in Spanish

A nosotros como humanos nos encanta soñar y avanzar hacia un futuro. También navegamos en una complejidad entre las relaciones y las dinámicas generadas entre nosotros.

This experimental session is going to offer a space where you can explore the expression of various voices and have a dialogue to see what is trying to happen within the group and also on a global level.

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Berlot Group – GCC Partner

LIVE WEBINAR: Team coaching explained

6.30pm – 8.30pm (GST)

With Linda Berlot ORSCC PCC

Join us to learn what team coaching is and why you as a coach and leader should use it. We’ll explore how ORSC empowers teams to address the often-destructive issues that lead to failure, and discover how to use it to unleash the full potential of teams.

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Thursday 11th May

Berlot Group – GCC Partner

In-person event: Using Team coaching to explore the potential of your team

6.00pm – 9.00pm (GST)

With Linda Berlot ORSCC PCC

Come and explore how the groundbreaking concepts that underpin Systemic Team Coaching work, and how a systemic approach to coaching teams creates positive and lasting change.

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CRR Global and our UK, Europe, Afrika and GCC Regional Partners
Explore the Potential of Teams; A conversation around different lands and cross-cultural potential

8.00am (PT) 4.00pm (BST) / 5.00pm (CET) / 7.00pm (GST)

With Marita Fridjhon, Judy van Zon, Nairy McMahon and Gulsun Zeytinoglu

Marita Fridjhon, CEO of CRR Global, Co-creator of ORSC and best-selling author, will join a roundtable discussion with CRR partners from the UK, Europe, GCC and Africa.

The discussion will look into the world of different lands and the cross-cultural potential that we as world workers and change makers meet when working with teams, organizations and systems around the world.

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Friday 12th May

Schouten China

Explore the Potential of Your Team – Experiencing ORSC coaching (real workplace scenario role play/offline event in Shanghai)

2.00pm – 5.00pm (China Time)

With Jie Zhou

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Saturday 13th May

CRR Global and our regional partners for APAC, Japan and China

The Emerging Field of Team Coaching: Insights for APAC Professionals

9.00am – 10.30am (SGT) / 10.00am – 11.30am (JST)

With Marita Fridjhon and Elfarina Zaid

In this session, Marita Fridjhon, CEO of CRR Global, Co-Creator of ORSC™ and best selling author will have a dialogue with Elfarina Zaid (Elf Coaching, Singapore) to share insights on how team coaching is growing in USA & Asia Pacific.

ICF, based in USA, has developed new competencies around team coaching. The discussion will highlight how team coaching explores different lands and cross-culture potential among teams. This session invites insights from APAC countries and participants through a Q&A session.

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Sunday 14th May

Schouten China

Explore the Potential of Your Team – ORSC application under Asian Culture

9.00 am – 10.30 am (China Time)

With Yuri & Rebecca

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CRR Global Japan

Remember the Relationship between Human Beings and Nature. (Japanese and English)

4.00 pm – 6.00 pm (JST)

With Fuyuo & Izumi

The relationship with ‘IT’ is key to a next step for coaches.

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Our five principles of RSI underpin the work we do:

  • Each relationship system forms its own unique identity.
  • Relationship systems rely on Deep Democracy, and every voice is a voice of the system.
  • Relationship systems are naturally generative, intelligent and creative.
  • Relationship systems rely on roles to execute their functions.
  • Relationship systems are in a constant state of emergence.