Relationship Systems Intelligence™ 

Transforming the Face of Leadership

Further beyond Emotional Intelligence (relationship with oneself), and Social Intelligence (relationship with other) lies Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI) where the focus is on the entire group, team or system. 

Relationship Systems Intelligence™ (RSI) is an advanced and courageous way of approaching leadership and team interactions. The development of RSI within a team or organizational system accelerates collaboration and supports the creative thinking needed to face the challenges of this millennium. In the same way that Emotional Intelligence equips individuals to master their internal life, and Social Intelligence engenders empathy, RSI enables leaders and teams to tap into the true potential of human beings’ collective intelligence and creative powers.

The basic principle of RSI is the redirection of focus from the individuals within the system, to the whole system as an entity in itself. This shift in focus enables Leaders, teams and organizations to move beyond personal concerns and petty conflicts to a positive and generative group identity. The strength of a team’s identity provides resilience and the resources necessary to navigate the constantly changing challenges organizations face.

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Organizations run on the emotional currency of relationship and connectivity. No matter how sophisticated your technology, how educated your employees, how powerful your leadership, unless there is a high level of relationship systems intelligence, productivity and success will be compromised.

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