A New Paradigm for an Evolutionary Leap in Relationships

Relationship Matters book by Faith Fuller

New Book by Faith Fuller

Relationship is the lifeblood that powers our social and emotional worlds. Despite all of our advancements in science, technology, and medicine, we still struggle when it comes to getting along with others. CRR Global co-founder Faith Fuller believes that relationship skills are key for humanity to survive and flourish.

In “Relationship Matters: A New Paradigm for an Evolutionary Leap in Relationships,” Faith shares effective ideas which anyone can use to foster great relationship. The book draws from the groundbreaking Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) model Faith co-created with partner Marita Fridjhon over two decades ago. ORSC works from a systemic perspective, and is used by coaches and leaders around the world.

“We’re entangled in relationship every single day, every single second,” says Faith. “Relationship systems coaching is really about how to uncover the heart. It provides the skills we need to get along better with ourselves, other people, and the larger community.”

A psychologist, experienced consultant and coach, Faith reveals universal principles that underpin all relationship systems. This book will help readers to:

  • understand what Relationship Systems Intelligence is, and why it is critical to human evolution.
  • unlock the hidden potential in conflict.
  • explore new ways to navigate relationship.
  • build life-changing relationships, especially with themselves.
  • and become Relationship Warriors.

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