Looking back at 2020: the year in Relationships

Looking back at 2020: the year in Relationships

An overview of the year that was with contributions from around the world.

Systems are in a constant state of emergence, create from it...

As we’re nearing the final stretch of 2020, a year which will go down in global history for a host of different reasons, it behooves us to pause and reflect. Everybody, from the individual level, to the family experience, to the business upheaval, to nature and more, has been forced to deal with, and manage unexpected emergence and the systemic emergencies that came from it. While humanity has this in common, the unique systemic brilliance that appeared through creating from this, often gets lost in the constant pressure of even more change needed and needed even faster!

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together! -Ubuntu saying.

Together we can shift from the speed of change, to the speed of evolution.

In this year-end-overview, with global contribution from the land of CRR Global, we want to pause and shift our focus from the speed of change to the speed of evolution. We can honor ways in which we were reacting to this, and often failed. Let us not remain there… Let us also lift the gaze to the places where everybody in our system and beyond, also created from! 

Our thanks and gratitude to All Faculty, Global Partners, Team Members, Global Communities and every Alumni and ORSC™ Community member. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

Read below some of our celebrations, and discover more about how our Global Community created from this emergence, influencing and evolving the field of Relationship Systems Coaching.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Marita Fridjhon
CEO CRR Global Inc.

Global news

Going virtual

Since the onset of the Pandemic in February, at CRR Global, we virtualized our entire in-person curriculum; from Fundamentals to ORSC™ (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) Certification. And at the same, we brought new Front of Room Leaders on from United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, UK and Singapore, while still in the process of training new leaders for North America. Our senior Faculty immediately and successfully needed to master the virtual offerings while training new leaders who never led a course before. To date, we have been able to deliver virtual courses in more than 16 countries!

Putting in place a Systems Inspired Leadership Model

On the CRR Global Management side, we launched a new management structure, shifting CRR Global from a Founder Led Organization, to a Systems Inspired application of a Distributed Leadership Model. This team now consist of members residing in London, Dubai, the Netherlands, and US. Needing to face and navigate the company needs from this new dimension starting with a global Pandemic, certainly redefined the process of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing to a different level! Thank you Nairy McMahon (Global Business Development), Linda Berlot (Leader Development), Judy van Zon (ORSC™ Certification), Sandra Cain & Marita Fridjhon (Curriculum Content and Redesign), GraceAnn Anderson (Global Finance), and Marita Fridjhon (CEO).

Read more about our team.

New global website!

To reflect CRR Global’s shift from a Founder Led Organization to a Systems Inspired application of a Distributed Leadership Model, we challenged ourselves to think out-of-the-box to create a new website with a fresh look and feel. Our high dream for this website is to become a place for you, our practitioners, alumni, future students, and our many friends and supporters to tap into the broader thought-leadership of CRR Global and our Co-Founders Faith Fuller and Marita Fridjhon. We wish for this site to be your portal to all things CRR Global around the world – a source to get nourished and inspired as world workers no matter where you are located. Enjoy browsing around!

News from our Partners

Launch of CRR APAC

CRR Singapore is now CRR APAC! As more and more people are turning to ORSC™ in the APAC region, CRR APAC celebrates its growing and generative eco-system of practitioners. It now covers five markets: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

Check out CRR APAC's website!

CRR UK: Deep dive into the new five principles of RSI

CRR UK and the local UK Community of ORSC™ practitioners and Alumni hosted a virtual community event about the newly launched five principles of RSI™ (Relationship Systems Intelligence) at the end of September. The event aimed to explore the five Principles of RSI™ that now form a through-line of all courses underpinning the work of ORSC™ practitioners. The high dream was for an experiential session that allowed the Community to explore the Five Principles.

I feel so appreciative that in our Community we have so many people willing to experiment and learn together. -Anonymous

A big thank you to CRR UK (ORSC™ UK Community Steering Group) and the front of the room leaders who helped make this possible!

New Partner: CRR Afrika

Welcome to our new Partner, CRR Afrika!

CRR Afrika is a collective of leaders and administrators from Cape Town to Cairo, including all these skilled ORSC™practitioners: Ron Ndlovu, Mohamed Amr, Klaus Lombardozzi, Refiloe Mokonyane and Cecil Murray.

We also would like to thank Mish Middelmann for his pioneering work in establishing an ORSC™ presence in South Africa. We’re delighted that Mish will continue to serve our global ORSC™Community as a valuable member of our Faculty.

Find out more about CRR Afrika

Building a community of World Workers around the World

Global Relationship Matters community calls

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, CRR Global quickly offered a response to the voices of ORSC practitioners worldwide to address the impact of separation and isolation on communities. To meet our practitioners and alumni innovatively, and to explore as a global community how to stay in relationship while physical isolation was growing, a series of international community meetings, the “Relationship Matters” calls, got kicked off in March building on last year’s experience of the Unboxing Summit. From March until the end of June, the team organized 20 community gatherings, supported by members of our Faculty and attended by hundreds of Practitioners worldwide. Topics ranged from using ORSC tools virtually, secret selves to response styles to change in the Pandemic.

If you want to relive the experience, you can watch the recordings here!

Community Grapples

As systems are in a constant state of emergence and the context around us shifted, the Relationship Matters calls evolved into the Community Grapples with a new team taking the helm to create a space to reflect on challenging issues; like sitting in the fire of racism and racial conflict. The purpose of the current Global Community Grapples is “to hold a nourishing community space to grapple and grow with the most tender and difficult topics of our time, and to engage with our edges intentionally.” Contact our kick-ass team Sara Luther, Ntsiki Ndumela and Klaus Lombardozzi if you wish to contribute to a future call.

APAC: ORSCurious & ORSConnect Community Engagement Sessions

In recent months, CRR APAC held several ORSCurious and ORSConnect sessions.

ORSCurious is a session designed to introduce the concept of relationship systems and systems-inspired leadership to those curious about ORSC. Led by CRR Global Faculty, these live virtual sessions are for anyone who wants to explore novel ways of approaching leadership and navigating team dynamics.

ORSConnect is a platform by ORSC-lings, for ORSC-lings (we call our ORSC-ers ORSC-lings in APAC). It is available to ORSC community members in the APAC region to share, learn and co-create new possibilities with ORSC.

Held monthly, the sessions give alumni and practitioners exclusive access to a diverse and vibrant community of practice, wherever they might be in their relationship systems journey.

To date, CRR APAC has seen more than 300 sign-ups for both the ORSConnect and ORSCurious series!

Middle East: ORSC Community of Practice Calls

When COVID-19 hit, leaders and clients in the Middle East were faced with making challenging decisions that impacted their clients’ systems as well as their own. More than ever providing support and solutions to clients differently from how things might have worked before was the challenge. As ORSC practitioners, they stepped up to the challenge providing the tools, skills and know-how to enter into relationship and provide support to clients and communities.

The team in the Middle East introduced a bi-monthly ORSC Community of Practice Call for ORSC Coaches serving as an opportunity for coaches to come together, create Community and be creative while exploring how to adapt to the changing environment and serve their clients. These calls have been a success in the region with attendees from all over the world!

Listen to the Middle East Community Call Recordings

World work

Relationship Matters Podcast

As part of her ORSC certification journey, Katie Churchman developed the Relationship Matters Podcast together with CRR Global. The podcast got kicked off in May of this year, with the aim to create a greater sense of connection and further learning opportunities for ORSC alumni and practitioners during the uncertain and disconnected times of the Global Pandemic. To date, we’ve had over 9000 downloads across 23 episodes from six continents! The first season of the podcast focused on spreading the work of ORSC through interviews with CRR Global’s co-founders Marita Fridjhon and Faith Fuller. Subjects varied from topical issues like, “Why can’t we talk about Racism?” to leadership insights around “Systems Inspired Leadership” and always relate back to the central belief that “Relationship Matters”. Season two of the podcast is airing right now with more talks with Marita Fridjhon and Faith Fuller and lots of new guests!

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