Relationship Matters: The Book

Relationship Matters: A New Paradigm for an Evolutionary Leap in Relationships by Faith Fuller - book cover
A New Release From CRR Global Co-Founder Faith Fuller

Before we can move to the next stage of evolution, humanity needs to get better at relationship. That’s the premise behind Faith Fuller’s new book, “Relationship Matters: A New Paradigm for an Evolutionary Leap in Relationships.” In it, the CRR Global co-founder sheds light on the importance of our connection with each other, and explains why we need to become more skillful in how we interact.

“We’re entangled in relationship – every single day, every single second,” says Faith. “Relationship systems coaching is really about how to uncover the heart. It provides the skills we need to get along better with ourselves, other people, and the larger community.”


Connection as an essential skill

“It’s astonishing to me that we receive so little guidance on how to be in connection with our whole world, including nature,” Faith says.

Even though relationships are so key to our wellbeing, Faith notes that many people have no training in how to work with them. Using simple engaging language, she invites readers to access ideas from relationship systems coaching to evolve better relationship.

"As a relationship systems warrior, you feel called to become better at relationship. Your goal is right relationship, which is constantly shifting and evolving." - CRR Global Co-Founder Faith Fuller

Relationships as systems

“Relationship Matters revolves around the idea of relationship as an intricate web of connection. From our inner systems to partnerships, family contexts and larger systems like teams or organizations, each system ripples out to affect others. Once we begin to see relationships as an interdependent network, we understand their importance.”

“It’s a complex and very rich way to think about the relationships in your life,” says Faith.

At the heart of this book is the groundbreaking Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) model developed by Faith and partner Marita Fridjhon. For over 20 years, ORSC has been used to coach teams and systems by coaches across the world.

Practical tools, stories and exercises

Designed for a broad audience, “Relationship Matters” contains research, tools, and anecdotes from years of coaching systems.

“If you want to go deep in learning about yourself and your relationships, the book will give you some of the tools to begin that inquiry within yourself and your teams or family.”

Becoming relationship warriors

Faith discusses the concept of relationship warriorship, an idea which springs from the teachings of Tibetan Buddhist Chögyam Trungpa.  To Faith, a relationship warrior is someone who is curious and committed to evolving through the intricate path of relationship. She urges readers to see cultivating connection as a form of discipline and personal development. Relationship warriorship is a fierce commitment to learning about ourselves through the way we interact with the world.

Faith emphasizes that cultivating relationship can lead to profound personal and societal growth.

“If you can be in right relationship with yourself and others, there’s not much else you can’t do,” she says.

A guide for anyone seeking to navigate the complex maze of human connections, “Relationship Matters” offers practical tools, engaging stories, and a holistic approach to personal and societal evolution.

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